About: Mika L. and Savings Grove

About: Mika L. and Savings Grove

Hello! I’m Mika – Your Money Guide at Savings Grove!

Welcome to Savings Grove - join me and learn (or re-learn!) how to spend smartly and cheaply, save more, and make passive income online through easy, and yet fun side hustles. I've carefully curated 50+ articles covering all sorts of useful topics: from the best platforms to sell photos online to how to get paid to write, and from where are free EBT ATMs to how to get free virtual phone numbers, etc. And more to come.

I don’t hold an MBA or business degree, nor do I have a crazy social following (yet =). This is also not a get-rich-website if you pay for my course-thing. Over the course of many years I started documenting how I can be smarter with my financial goals, mainly by writing everything down. I started finding ways how to save money at a young age, and quickly learnt that saving and earning money can be stress free, fun and quite rewarding! 

My Money Story

Hint; there were none at the beginning. I landed in the United States in 1998 with zero money and no English. This was a really difficult time – as a Serbian-American refugee, my family and I had to struggle to make ends meet, find odd jobs, learn English, as well as moving frequently through many cities to learn how to save and make money.

Fast forward 20+ years, I’m not rolling in riches, but we did learn a ton! I love saving, and that’s the first advice I received. It’s never too late! There are hundreds of ways to save (and make money!) without making any compromises. This blog compiles the many ways to do so (often online, but IRL too) and my most exciting findings. Thanks for tuning in!

What is Savings Grove?

It’s a money blog! You’ll find all sorts of exciting findings on how to make money, save money and find freebies online – I really hope you’ll find them useful! 

The goal of this blog is to become your go-to place and new home to find resources and tips on better managing your finances. I’m continuously collaborating with other bloggers and researchers, so make sure to come back to read about the latest findings!

Let’s Make Personal Finance Stress Free, Easy and Accessible!

Savings Grove is all about making personal finance stress free and easy.
The mantra is simple: Make more money, spend less, and save as much as you can.

To help you get started; here are our most popular posts:

Have a read – let me know what you think!

Final Words

Please free free to connect with me on social media or write to me by email for any questions, tips or new exciting money findings and websites you may have stumbled upon. I’ll be sure to write back to you.

I’m really glad you are here – thank you for visiting!

Your friend,
- Mika L.

Mika L.

Hello! I’m Mika, founder of Savings Grove – I love spending smartly and cheaply, saving, and making money online! On this website, discover 50+ curated articles how to save and make more on various useful topics; so stay tuned!

The mantra is simple: Make more money, spend less, and save as much as you can.

I'm really glad you stopped by! Thanks for visiting!

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