35+ Sites to Get Paid for Beginner Writers in 2024: Get $50–$2000 Per Article

35+ Sites to Get Paid for Beginner Writers in 2024: Get $50–$2000 Per Article

Making money writing articles from home, especially about what you love, is a dream for many. Writing articles can earn you money, whether you're just starting, or an aspiring writer looking for paid writing jobs, established outlets, or free magazine subscriptions, or a guest blogger looking to bring in traffic. Many sites will pay you to contribute content alongside a bio and link to your site, but only some will pay well.

35+ Sites That Pay You to Write Articles in 2024 (for Beginner Writers)

If you ask yourself "How to get paid to write"? or "Which websites pay beginner writers"?, you are at the right place. For aspiring or beginner writers, here is a list of 35 websites that can pay you to write for them. 

Before submitting your work, I recommend that you read and understand each publication's submission guidelines. This will guarantee more success. Good luck and happy writing!

Get Paid to Write on Various Topics

1. Listverse - Get paid $100

Writers can submit articles or lists for publication on the website. The website pays $100 per well-researched, well-written article of any length.

2. Longreads - Get paid $500 – $1500

Longreads seeks well-written, well-told, and easy-to-follow essays, stories and blogs. Your submission can be 2000–6,000 words, depending on the category. They pay $500–$1,500+ per article.

3. Cracked - Get paid $100 – $200

Cracked.com is a magazine-based website. Cracked pays writers per article. Try submitting by email at write@cracked.com or on their contact form here.

4. IncomeDiary - Get paid $150 – $300

You can write on IncomeDiary about SEO, affiliate marketing, buying and selling websites, and entrepreneurship and earn up to $150 – $300 per post.

 5. Fiverr Get paid $5 – $15,000+

Make money writing articles by creating a “Gig” and selling on Fiverr. Fiverr freelancers and experts earn $5 to $15,000+ per gig, with one sold every four seconds.

7. Make a living writing - Get paid $75 - $150+

Get paid to write about ... writing! You can submit articles about blogging, copywriting, marketing, writing craft, etc and get paid between $75 and $150 for guest posts (and more for longer, in-depth pieces written on assignment only).

8. Freelance Mom - Get paid $75 - $150

On this site, you can get paid between $75 to $100 for writing inspiring personal or educational articles about business, marketing, money, work from home, and other topics. $150 for a featured article.

Get Paid to Write Web Design and Development Articles

9. Tuts+ - Get paid up to $100 to $250

For a "quick tip" tutorial, they pay $100, and for a regular tutorial, they pay $250.

10. Smashing Magazine - rates varies

If you write high-quality articles, Smashing Magazine will pay you.

11. Photoshop Tutorials Get paid $50 to $300

Earnings for your quick tip can range from $50 to $300; for your complete tutorial, they can reach $150 to $300. It is simple to begin, and you are not even required to have your tutorial prepared.

12. A List Apart - Get paid up to $200

Web design and development are the main topics of this website. For in-depth guides and articles on web development-related subjects, they pay $200 per piece.

13. Sitepoint - Get paid up $150 – $200

Write about web design, web development and entrepreneur and get paid up $150 – $200 per article.

Get Paid to Write Parenting, Family and Faith Articles 

14. Metro Parent - Get paid $35 – $350

This popular independent parenting publications is searching for articles about parenting. They spend $35 to $350 on each item.

15. Her View From Home - Get paid up to $100

Write for Her View From Home on parenting and families to be eligible for up to $100. Send in your moving tales right now.

16. The War Cry - Get paid $0.35 per word

Part of the  Salvation Army, you can write for The War Cry and submit original articles, where they pay $0.35 per word. Also submit reprints, where they pay $0.15 per word.

17. Guideposts - Get paid $250 or more

They pay $250 or more for faith and inspiring stories of 1 ,500 words.

18. Chicken soup - Get paid $250

Get paid to write about various topics, such as cat and dog stories, Christmas, Hanukkah, Funny, Miracles and Angel stories, just to name a few of their themes for 2024. 

Get Paid to Write Travel Related Articles 

19. Backpacker - Rates varies

You can earn money writing articles on this site.

20. Alaska Airlines Magazine - Get paid $150 to $700

Get paid $150 to $700 per post, or page; news stories, featured posts, etc. Make sure to check their 2024 themes as they varies every month (eg. road trips to wildlife, bucket list Alaska to travel planning).

21. Travel + Leisure - Get paid $1000

For articles published exclusively online, Travel + Leisure pays $1,000; the rate is $2 per word for articles published in print. Only original work is accepted.

22. International Living - Get paid $75 – $400

You can write articles on living overseas which is their main niche within travel.They pay $75 for “daily postcards,” which share stories from expats. But also, you can get paid $250 for 800 words, and $400 for 1400 words respectively.

23. Transitions Abroad - Get paid $75 - $500

Get paid up to $150 about living, teaching and volunteer abroad for freelance articles. They also have student writing contests up to 750-2,000 words that pays $500.

24. She's Wanderful - Rate varies

On this site, you can get paid to write and share inspiring stories about women and underrepresented communities around the world.

Get Paid to Write Food and Drink Related Articles

25. Eating Well - Get paid $2000

EatingWell pays up to $1 for each word. This implies that a 2000-word story is worth $2000. Topic word count, however, might differ. They also have a three to six-month lead time. Submit your story on their contact page.

26. Cuisine at Home - Rates varies

You can earn money by writing articles for this website.

Get Paid to Write Poems and Litterature

27. The Sun Magazine - Get paid $100 - $2000

Earn between $100 and $2000 per original essay, article and poems as a freelance writer for the independent and ad-free publication The Sun Magazine.

28. Boulevard Magazine - Get paid $50 to $300

Boulevard Magazine aims to publish only the best non-fiction, poetry, and fiction and pays for them up to a maximum of $300. Submit your best poetry today.

29. VQR Online - Get paid up to $200 – $1000

VQR pays $200 for each poem, up to a maximum of four poems; they typically pay $1,000 for a suite of five or more poems.  

30. The Threepenny ReviewGet paid  $200 – $400

The Threepenny Review currently pays up to $400 for stories and articles, $200 for poems, and $200 for Table Talk pieces.

31. Swamp pink (formally Crazyhorse) - Get paid $40 - $200

Get paid to publishes fiction, poetry, and nonfiction semi-monthly online. Poems receive $40 each, and we pay $0.05 a word for prose, to a maximum of $200 for accepted work.

32. AGNI - Get paid $20 - 300

Get paid to submit poetry, essays, and fictions up to a maximum of $300; $20 for each printed (or printed-out) page of accepted prose and $40 for each accepted poem.

33. Epoch Magazine - Get paid $100 - $500

Get paid between $100 and $500 for poetry, prose, and comics, depending on length, and $350 for cover art.

Get Paid to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy

34. Clarkesworld Magazine - Get paid up to $0.10 per word

Writing for Clarkesworld Magazine can earn you $0.10 per word. Submit your best science fiction and fantasy stories today! 

Get Paid to Write Gardening Articles

35. The American Gardener - Get paid $150 - $600

Get paid to write horticulture and gardening articles up to  1,500 to 2,500 words. Notable topics can include Natural Connections, Plant in the Spotlight, Homegrown Harvest.

36. KindPetals - Get paid $75 for 1,500 words

KindPetals is looking for original and captivating contributions on native perennials, gardening, or related subjects.

You have many options if you're seeking ways to get paid to write. Whatever your passions or expertise, there's probably a market for your essays and stories, or potential blog post. There you have it: a suite of online periodicals and magazines that will compensate you for writing about various topics. Please share any additional sources you know by leaving a comment below.

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