Make More Money, Spend Less, and Save as Much as You Can.

Make More Money, Spend Less, and Save as Much as You Can.

Hello! I’m Mika – Your Money Guide at Savings Grove!

Welcome to Savings Grove - join me and learn (or re-learn!) how to spend smartly and cheaply, save more, and make passive income online through easy, and yet fun side hustles. I've carefully curated 50+ articles covering all sorts of useful topics: from the best platforms to sell photos online to how to get paid to write, and from where are free EBT ATMs to how to get free virtual phone numbers, etc. And more to come.

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What is Savings Grove?

It’s a money blog! You’ll find all sorts of exciting findings on how to make money, how to save money and find freebies online – I really hope you’ll find them useful! 

The goal of this blog is to become your go-to place and new home to find resources and tips on better managing your finances. I’m continuously collaborating with other bloggers and researchers, so make sure to come back to read about the latest findings!

Let’s Make Personal Finance Stress Free, Easy and Accessible!

Savings Grove is all about making personal finance stress free and easy.
The mantra is simple: Make more money, spend less, and save as much as you can.

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