17 Ways To Get Free Perfume Samples By Mail Right Now [2024]

17 Ways To Get Free Perfume Samples By Mail Right Now [2024]

Are you trying to find samples of perfume? The finest places to acquire free perfume samples are listed below. You may try free fragrance samples before you buy them in several ways. We'll discuss a few alternative methods of obtaining perfume samples below. 

Where can I find free samples of perfumes?

You may request samples and try out new scents for free thanks to campaigns and collaborations that many fragrance makers and stores conduct with these sites periodically.

How To Get Free Samples Of Perfume Through Mail

Look into online sampling programs, visit company websites or social media pages for promotions, and request free perfume samples via mail. Check beauty magazines for sample fragrances and approach department store counters for in-person samples. Sign up for beauty clubs or subscription boxes. Here are a few tried-and-true methods.

1. Sephora

One of the greatest department shops for free perfume samples is Sephora. If receiving complimentary samples and product gifts is important to you, sign up to become a Sephora "Beauty Insider". Enrolling in this rewards program is free of cost, and upon doing so, you will be able to accumulate points with every purchase. These points may then be used for discounts on goods, services, and classes, as well as 10% off purchases made during Sephora's seasonal sales events, a complimentary birthday gift, and free standard shipping. 

2. Ulta 

Ulta works similarly to Sephora. With each purchase, gifts are given away. It is required that you register for Ulta's loyalty program, Ultamate Rewards. Participants in this program are eligible for free samples and exclusive incentives. 

3. Request An Ulta Catalog

Create an Ulta account and choose to receive their mailings. You'll get a free monthly catalog with samples of different free perfume testers if you do this. Additionally, you may add a free sample at checkout when you buy at Ulta. You have the option to select from a variety, of skincare, or perfume samples.

4. PinchMe

Members may get complimentary product samples from top global companies at PINCHme. All you have to do is give them your point of view and thoughts in return. There is no delivery cost, and you are not required to enter your credit card details. 

5. Beauty Product Testing Panels 

All you have to do to participate in these beauty testing panels is ask for sample items, try them, and then provide honest feedback.  It's a win-win situation for you and the business; you get to test out new things at no expense, and they get insightful information to improve their products. You could get complimentary cosmetics samples and perhaps skin-care goods from consumer testing panels such as L'Oreal USA and Allure Beauty Enthusiasts. 

6. Pretty Thrifty

This website has a great part that includes a list of businesses/websites that provide free samples of colognes and fragrances. They share businesses or websites that provide free samples of perfumes in a part of their website. The list is continuously updated.

7. Get Free Samples When You Shop Online 

Make sure the brand you purchase from, like The Body Shop, Lancome, L'Oreal, or Ulta, gives beauty and perfume samples at the time of checkout when you buy beauty products online. The samples will be mailed to you together with your order.

8. Sign Up For Newsletters

You can receive free samples by subscribing to the newsletters of almost all big brands, which will add you to their VIP email list. Samples of their recently announced new fragrances are frequently made available to members only.  This is a wise strategy to keep ahead of the competition because brands like Chanel, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Dior, Estée Lauder, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Jo Malone, YSL Beauty, Chanel, Burberry, Hermès, and Ralph Lauren, among others, prefer to reward their subscribers.

9. Check and Follow On Social Media 

Numerous perfume companies search for online influencers to promote their products, usually on social media. Increase your social media following and apply influencer networks. There will be complimentary cosmetics and fragrances available to you. Choose the ones you would want to get, and in return for some social media postings, they will deliver them to you for free and include free shipping. Also, make sure to include #freeperfumesample while conducting a hashtag search on your preferred brands. Brands frequently share their special offers on social media. You'll probably need to provide your email address and sign up.

10. Free Perfume Samples On Request 

Contact them personally if there's a brand or perfume in particular that you're interested in. Express your interest in what they sell in an email, and inquire whether they provide samples. The number of brands that are eager to give samples to prospective customers could surprise you. The following companies are likely to respond to your email: By Kilian, Hermès, Lancôme, Serge Lutens, Olfactive Studio, and Mugler.

11. Visit Product Review Sites

Positive evaluations are essential to brands, and they are one of the ways they promote their goods. Some brands are practically begging to send free sample products for feedback. Free perfumes, sometimes in full quantity, are often given out by product review websites including Home Tester Club, Poshly, Tomoson, and BzzAgent in exchange for ratings and reviews.

12. Create Your Own Platform 

If you like freebies, consider starting your own website and social media accounts. This is because promoting products on your own personal platform is the best method to obtain unique free clothes, perfumes, and other products. Trust me you will have brands begging you to try their products.

13. Follow Fragrance Experts 

To get hands-on free samples, following a fragrance expert is just what you need.  Engage with them on social media to learn about the kinds of offers, promotions, and samples they are discussing. You may follow fragrance specialists like @monakattan, @jeremyfragrance, @mrrlittle, @funmimonete, @ijesimonn, and @demeterceo to be informed about promotions and freebies. 

14. Go To A Department Store

Ask for a fragrance sample when you stop by your favorite department store's cosmetics counter. Asking for a freebie is not seen as impolite; that is the purpose of the samples.  Typically, they are new product releases that fragrance companies hope to see in the marketplace.

15. Check Out Free Magazines 

Looking within fashion magazines is a really simple technique to locate free perfume samples if you read them. They frequently have these samples affixed to magazine adverts. Additionally, you don't have to pay for the publications because you may receive free magazines delivered to you by visiting different websites.

16. Visit Walmart 

Walmart also offers free perfume samples in-store or online. Walmart offers free sample events as part of its promotion. Complete the form on the Walmart website to get emailed when events are coming up. The Walmart deal is only accessible to residents of the United States. 

17. Check Out New Perfume Brands 

To increase their consumer base, new businesses are pleased to offer a free sample pack, especially in the beginning. Keep yourself updated about the release of new fragrances by following perfume brands on social media and in their newsletters. Engage in online surveys, product testing initiatives, or brand loyalty programs; corporations frequently provide samples to customers who participate. Attend fragrance events where guests may get samples from brands. Here are a few emerging brands that you can check; Juliette Has a Gun, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Byredo, Escentric Molecules, Gallivant, Rogue Perfumery, and Aether.

Final Words

You're well on your way to creating your fragrance collection.  You should be able to test out a few different perfumes if you follow the aforementioned advice! Finally, be patient while some samples may take several weeks to arrive, the excitement of experiencing a new fragrance is well worth the wait!

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