9 Remote Jobs That Are Always Hiring in 2024: Make $45 per Hour

9 Remote Jobs That Are Always Hiring in 2024: Make $45 per Hour

In the digital age, the world of work has transformed dramatically, with remote jobs becoming increasingly common. You no longer need to be physically present in an office to contribute effectively to your team and projects. The best part of some remote jobs is that they no longer require a resume or interview to get hired!

This new era of employment allows you the flexibility to manage your personal and professional lives more harmoniously. Part-time remote jobs and full-time remote jobs vary widely, ranging from Amazon's or Apple’s customer service jobs remote to niche software development roles. Companies are always hiring, looking for talent who can perform excellently in a work-from-home setup.

Whether you're seeking a role with big names like Apple or smaller startups, opportunities are vast and varied. The following guide provides insights into some specific remote roles that are trending and offers answers to frequently asked questions about the remote job market. Let’s get started!

1. Internet Scoping: $30 / h

Internet Scoping is a less commonly known, yet increasingly important, specialty job in the legal field. Scopists edit and proofread legal documents, working closely with court reporters to produce accurate transcripts. This line of work is meticulous and demands a keen eye for detail, strong command over the language, and at least a fundamental understanding of legal terminology. Embracing part-time remote jobs or full-time remote jobs as an Internet Scopist can be a lucrative career for those with the right skills.

Pros (salary): This job is ideal for those with an eye for detail and a knack for research. As a beginner, you can expect to earn around $500 to $800 a month part-time. With experience, this can increase to $1,500 to $4,500 a month.

2. Telehealth Coordinator: $32 / h

The healthcare industry has seen a surge in telehealth services, especially after global shifts toward remote interactions. As a Telehealth Coordinator, you would manage communications between patients and healthcare providers, schedule appointments, and ensure the smooth operation of virtual healthcare services. Given the ongoing growth in the medical and health sector, such customer service jobs remote are always hiring.

Pros (salary): this job is in high demand due to the increasing need for remote healthcare. The average salary for a Telehealth coordinator is around $48,000 a year.

3. Live Chat Specialist: $21 / h

Live Chat Specialists are the digital faces of brands, often the first contact point for online customers. Managing live chat means being adept at multitasking, as you're likely to juggle multiple conversations at once, all while maintaining polite and professional conduct. Full-time remote jobs in customer service, including live chat, are prominent because they offer flexibility without compromising customer experience.

Pros (salary): This job is perfect for those who enjoy multitasking and helping people without the need for video or phone calls. The average salary for a live chat specialist is around $43,000 a year, with potential for more if the role includes sales incentives.

4. Content Moderator: $30 / h

In this digital era, content is king, but not all that is posted online is appropriate or follows community standards. As a Content Moderator, your responsibility involves reviewing and moderating user-generated content to ensure it adheres to the platform's policies. The demand for this role is high as companies strive to maintain safe online spaces.

Pros (salary): Content moderators earn about $42,000 a year on average.
Cons: This job can be challenging, as it may involve viewing explicit or disturbing content.

5. Business System Admin: $32 / h

For organizations utilizing complex software solutions, the Business System Admin becomes essential. Your role focuses on managing, updating, and troubleshooting these systems to ensure they are effective and secure. Full-time remote jobs as system admins are common, particularly with companies that use cloud-based technologies.

Pros (salary): The salary for a business system admin varies widely depending on the complexity of the systems they manage and their level of expertise. The average salary for a Business System Administrator is approximately $62,000 per year.

6. Virtual Assistant: $42 / h

Virtual Assistants (VAs) provide administrative services, from managing calendars to responding to emails. The scope of VA work is broad and may vary from client to client. The part-time remote jobs market is ripe with VA opportunities, allowing for flexible schedules and workloads. Several companies are always hiring VAs because they offer valuable support to busy professionals worldwide.

Pros (salary): This job offers a lot of flexibility and can be a great starting point for those new to remote work. The average salary for a virtual assistant is around $40,000 a year.

7. Online Tutor: $35 / h

The field of education has embraced remote work, especially after the global push for online learning. Online tutoring is one of the part-time remote jobs that has seen significant growth. You can specialize in a subject you're skilled in or knowledgeable about such as teaching english online, helping students understand complex topics via virtual platforms, such as Tutor Hunt.

Pros (salary): The average salary for an online tutor is around $45,000 a year, but this can vary depending on the subject and level of tutoring.

8. Apple Home Care Specialist: $25 / h

Tech giants like Apple offer customer support roles that are remote-friendly. An Apple Home Care Specialist provides technical assistance and customer service to users. These positions require a certain level of technical knowledge, but training is typically provided.

Pros (salary): This job is perfect for tech-savvy problem solvers who are familiar with Apple's range of products. According to Glassdoor, Apple Home Advisors make about $37,000 a year, and they reportedly have excellent benefits.

9. Customer Success Manager: $45 / h

As a Customer Success Manager, you play a critical role in customer retention and satisfaction. This job entails guiding customers through the product, addressing their concerns, and ensuring they have a seamless experience. These full-time remote jobs can sometimes demand flexibility in hours to accommodate different time zones.

Pros (salary): According to Glassdoor, Customer Success Managers make about $94,000 a year. Some of the pros of this job include the ability to work remotely, high demand for the role, and the opportunity to work closely with people.

Cons: However, you'll need strong communication skills and may sometimes be put in high-pressure positions.

Final words

As you navigate through the landscape of remote careers, remember that finding the right role may take time and effort. With diligence and the willingness to adapt, however, you can find a work-from-home position that suits your skills and lifestyle. Whether looking for part-time remote jobs or full-time remote jobs, the marketplace is abundant, and companies are always hiring—your next opportunity could be just a click away.


What are the top remote jobs that are consistently looking for new applicants in 2024?

Remote jobs in customer service, IT support, online education, content moderation, and digital marketing are always hiring. Additionally, telehealth and virtual administrative support roles continue to grow.

How can someone with no prior remote work experience break into the remote job market?

Start by developing skills pertinent to remote roles, such as digital communication, self-discipline, and time management. Consider volunteering or freelancing to build experience, and look for entry-level openings.

Are specific industries more likely to offer remote positions that are always hiring?

Yes, industries like technology, healthcare, education, customer service, and marketing tend to have a higher number of remote roles available and are always looking to hire.

What skills should candidates focus on to increase their employability for remote jobs that are always hiring?

Candidates should develop strong communication skills, proficiency in digital tools and platforms, time-management capabilities, as well as any specific technical skills required for their desired job.

Where Can I Apply to Jobs such as Telehealth Coordinator, Online Chat Support, Content Moderator, Business Systems Administrator, or Similar Positions?

Use various job search platforms and company career pages. Here are some specific places where you can find and apply for these jobs: 

  • Telehealth Coordinator: You can find and apply for Telehealth Coordinator jobs on platforms like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, SimplyHired, Glassdoor, Jooble, and more.

  • Online Chat Support: Job listings for Online Chat Support roles are available on Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, SimplyHired, Upwork, and Glassdoor.

  • Content Moderator: Content Moderator positions can be found on Indeed, LinkedIn, SimplyHired, ZipRecruiter, Upwork, FlexJobs, and Glassdoor.

  • Business Systems Administrator: Opportunities for Business Systems Administrator roles are listed on Indeed and other job search websites.


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