14 Best Transcription Jobs in 2024 for Beginners & Pros [Earn up to $180 / h]

14 Best Transcription Jobs in 2024 for Beginners & Pros [Earn up to $180 / h]

Transcription is becoming a very popular option for people who are looking for flexible jobs in the ever-expanding field of remote work. The top transcribing jobs for 2024 are examined in this guide, which is ideal for both novices wishing to get into the sector and seasoned pros seeking new opportunities. 

Transcriptionist Earning Rate

Potential earnings for transcriptionists vary based on factors such as experience, skill level, and the platform chosen. Beginners can expect to earn between $15 to $30 per audio hour, while seasoned professionals may command higher rates ranging from $40 to $180 per audio hour.

Transcription Tests To Practice

Before entering the transcription job market, honing your skills is crucial. Practice tests that evaluate your accuracy, speed, and audio transcription skills are available on several websites and they are not only required for particular transcription jobs but also for improving one's skills.

Typical Transcriptionist Typing Speed

Typing speed is a critical factor in transcription. While the industry standard is around 75-80 words per minute (WPM), some high-paying jobs may require speeds of 90 WPM or more. 

Transcription Jobs for Beginners and Freelancers

If you are just starting your journey into the world of transcription, several platforms cater specifically to beginners, providing a supportive environment and opportunities to develop your skills.

1. Rev

Among the platforms available to novices attempting transcribing, Rev is recognized for its user-friendly interface and a supportive community. An average Rev transcriptionist works 15 hours a week and makes around $156. PayPal will be used to pay you for the task you finished every week.

2. TranscribeMe

Ideal for those taking their first steps in transcription, TranscribeMe offers a welcoming environment for beginners. The hourly rate on TranscribeMe often pays around $20 and $21 for transcribers and transcriptionists. You'll need to take an entrance exam and your money will be transferred via PayPal. 

3. GoTranscript

GoTranscript's simple application process makes it a great option for novices. You can navigate the platform with ease and choose assignments that match your skill level. The typical hourly wage at GoTranscript is between $22 and $22 for an employee. To make payments, you need to have a Payoneer or PayPal account.

4. Scribie

For entry-level transcribers seeking a supportive platform, Scribie is a suitable choice as it offers a useful online style guide to help beginners comprehend and follow transcription requirements.  $5 to $20 is paid for each audio hour on this platform. Users must have a Verified PayPal account to qualify for this program.

5. CastingWords

CastingWords caters to individuals at different skill levels, making it an inclusive space for beginners as this platform accommodates users who are still perfecting their transcription skills by allowing them to choose tasks with flexibility. The average hourly wage on CastingWords starts at about $21 for transcriptionists. To withdraw money, you will require the PayPal Mass Payment system.

6. Quicktate

Quicktate is well-suited for beginners, offering a manageable entry point into transcription who are specializing in short audio files. It also offers data entry possibilities for people who are searching for part-time work. Quicktate employees make between $7.00 and $12.00 per hour. To withdraw money from this site, you must use Paypal.

7. CrowdSurf

CrowdSurf is made to work with people of different transcribing expertise levels and focuses on brief transcription projects. The typical hourly compensation at Crowd Surf starts at about $23 for transcriptionists. You have a variety of options for payment methods, including Paypal and direct deposit!

Transcription Jobs for Professionals

There are professional platforms that offer a variety of options and competitive compensation for seasoned transcriptionists with a plethora of knowledge.

8. Daily Transcription

Professionals searching for more sophisticated employment might consider Daily Transcription since they offer precedence to experienced transcribers. According to their website, they provide experienced Level 1–2 individuals between the hours of $45 and $66 per hour.

9. SpeakWrite

Geared toward experienced transcriptionists, SpeakWrite specializes in legal transcription services. This platform searches for experts in the legal transcription field since it understands the unique skills required for the position. The hourly rate on SpeakWrite for transcriptionists starts at about $23 and goes up to $26 for legal transcriptionists. Payment is made twice a month by cheque or direct deposit (Only for USA).

10. Ditto Transcripts

Ditto Transcripts is a platform that offers transcribing services for a variety of businesses and it prioritizes the expertise of its transcribers and gives professionals freedom in their work schedules. The hourly wage for transcriptionists can range from $8.00 to $30. Every month on the first and fifteenth, they pay their staff using PayPal and direct transfer.

11. GMR Transcription

With a requirement for experienced transcribers, GMR Transcription specializes in medical and general transcription services. Professionals in the healthcare and general transcription domains can find a fitting space here. The typical hourly wage for GMR transcription starts at about $20. PayPal is the payment option accepted on this platform.

12. Transcript Divas

An online site called Transcript Divas prioritizes providing top-notch transcribing services while appreciating the expertise of seasoned transcribers. Professionals with experience in academic and legal transcription may find fulfilling careers by focusing on a particular area of expertise. An average of $1.23 is paid by Transcript Divas for each minute of recording. The range of rates for audio minutes is $0.71 at the lowest and $3.03 at the maximum. When registering, a valid PayPal account is required.

13. 1-888-Type-It-Up

1-888-Type-It-Up is a platform that actively seeks experienced transcribers for various projects and it gives competent workers competitive fees, acknowledging the importance of knowledge. Transcription pay ranges from $30 to $180 for every audio hour, according to their website. When registering on this platform, a working PayPal account is required.

14. Speechpad

Speechpad is a versatile transcribing tool that may be used by both inexperienced and seasoned transcribers. Both professionals looking to advance their careers in transcription and individuals looking to start their own businesses can benefit from this platform. Pay for transcribing jobs varies, from $0.25/min for entry-level labor to $1.00/min for more experienced positions. They use PayPal to pay employees in US currency.

Difference Between An Audio Hour And A Working Hour

Transcription jobs are typically paid based on the audio hour, not the time spent transcribing. The difference lies in the fact that it may take more than one working hour to transcribe one hour of audio, especially for beginners.

How long does it take to transcribe an audio file that lasts an hour?

The time required to transcribe one hour of audio varies based on individual skills, audio quality, and familiarity with the subject matter. On average, it may take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours to transcribe one hour of audio. As proficiency improves, transcription time can significantly decrease.

Can You Make A Living As A Transcriptionist?

Yes, many transcriptionists make a comfortable living working from home. Developing your skills may help you get better employment; some people go on to start their transcribing businesses sustaining a career demands tenacity, dedication, and ongoing development.

Best Transcribing Software And Equipment?

Investing in quality transcription software and equipment is important. Popular choices include Express Scribe, InqScribe, and Transcriber for converting audio to text. For a flawless transcription experience, a dependable foot pedal and headset can increase productivity and accuracy.

Final Words

Embarking on a transcription career offers both beginners and seasoned professionals a flexible and rewarding way to earn income from the comfort of home. Explore the mentioned platforms, practice your skills, and embrace the evolving world of transcription in 2024.

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