24 Best Items To Flip For Profit In 2024 [Earn up to $500/m]

24 Best Items To Flip For Profit In 2024 [Earn up to $500/m]

Flipping items for profit has become a popular venture for many looking to make extra income or even turn a hobby into a lucrative business. The key to successful flipping is finding items with high resale value and significant profit margins. Whether it's vintage clothing, rare collectibles, or high-demand electronics, the potential to earn substantial profits is substantial if you know where to look and what to buy. Similarly, you can also find out the best things to sell on Facebook Marketplace here.

In this guide, we’ll explore the 24 best items to flip for profit in 2024, providing examples and insights on how to maximize your earnings through savvy purchasing and strategic reselling. Happy flipping!

1. Best Vintage Clothing to Flip for Profit

You might want to hunt for vintage items if you're hoping to earn a significant profit. People enjoy the excitement of finding unusual items and purchasing antique apparel at thrift stores. Because of this, antique clothing and accessories may have very high margins and profits—up to 100% or more.


  • Concert t-shirts from iconic bands or events. 
  • Levi's vintage denim jackets. 
  • Adidas tracksuits from the 80s. 

2. Best Sneakers to Flip for Profit

A significant profit may be made by flipping well-liked, unworn shoes or any special edition sneakers that have the potential to become collectibles. The market for used sneakers is also very large, and it's not difficult to locate individuals who are willing to sell their unwanted shoes. 


  • Limited edition Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG. 
  • Yeezy Boost 350 V2 in rare colorways. 
  • Nike Dunk SB collaborations. 

3. Best Collectible Toys to Flip for Profit

Another great thing to flip is toys. When it comes to flipping, toys are a valuable but sometimes disregarded product. This is particularly valid for children's toys. Rare and limited edition toys are the ideal ones to concentrate on.


  • Limited edition Funko Pop! figures from exclusive events. 
  • Vintage Star Wars action figures in original packaging. 
  • First edition holographic Pokémon cards. 

4. Best Furniture to Flip for Profit

These days, sustainability and lowering one's carbon impact are imperative. As a result, a lot of homeowners are purchasing antique or reconditioned furniture. In addition, retro and minimalist interior design styles are now in vogue and are readily created with reused furniture.


  • Eames Lounge Chair replicas in excellent condition. 
  • Refurbished mid-century modern teak dressers. 
  • Custom-painted accent chairs. 

5. Best Electronics to Flip for Profit

These secondhand electronics may fetch hundreds of dollars at the sale. Tablets, laptops, cellphones, and smartwatches are the most sought-after items. People can wish to discover components for their outdated devices or save money. You can get a sense of what's popular and what isn't by doing some internet research.


  • Refurbished iPhone Pro Max with upgraded storage. 
  • Gaming laptops with high-end graphics cards. 
  • Vintage Apple products like the original iPod or Macintosh. 

6. Best Bicycles to Flip for Profit

Because of the current trend of individuals becoming more interested in cycling sports and health and fitness, it might be beneficial to flip bicycles. Bikes that need fresh paint or other repairs are easy to find and resale.


  • Vintage Raleigh Grand Prix road bikes. 
  • Custom-built fixed-gear bikes with premium components. 
  • Upgraded mountain bikes with top-tier suspension. 

7. Best Musical Instruments to Flip for Profit

Another thing to flip is musical instruments that are in good condition. Kids and adults alike often grow out of or give up on their pastime. You can discover inexpensive musical instruments to market for a respectable profit once they've gone on.


  • Vintage Gibson Les Paul electric guitars. 
  • Professional-grade Yamaha saxophones. 
  • Rare Moog synthesizers. 

8. Best Power Tools to Flip for Profit

Power tools, such as drills and saws, are electrically driven instruments that are often used in construction and other fields. Power tool accessories are in great demand, which is why the market is predicted to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 5.98% between 2022 and 2028.


  • Festool cordless tool sets with multiple attachments. 
  • Professional-grade Bosch woodworking tools. 
  • Specialty tools for automotive repair. 

9. Best Board Games to Flip for Profit

Even in this technologically advanced world, board games continue to be cherished by many people. Thus, take advantage of this and think about making money by flipping popular, rare, or old board games.


  • Limited edition versions of popular board games like Catan. 
  • Vintage or out-of-print board games with complete components. 
  • Deluxe editions with custom-painted miniatures. 

10. Best Cameras to Flip for Profit

Many sell their outdated equipment for a reasonable price after upgrading their photographic gear on a regular basis. Since professional and well-known camera models and photographic equipment are pricey, there is a great chance to sell cameras and equipment for a profit. 


  • Vintage Leica M3 rangefinder cameras. 
  • Professional DSLR bodies like the Canon 5D Mark IV. 
  • Limited edition film cameras. 

11. Best Designer Handbags to Flip for Profit

You may earn an income by reselling high-end handbags if you can tell a real designer item from a fake. Some of these are available for less money online or at consignment shops.


  • Gently used Louis Vuitton Speedy bag. 
  • Limited edition Chanel Boy bag. 
  • Custom-painted Goyard tote. 

12. Best Watches to Flip for Profit

One of the best things about timepieces is that their worth does not diminish with time. One of those trendy products with steadily high profit margins is watch accessories. Stay with upscale and elegant watches to optimize your earnings. 


  • Vintage Rolex Submariner. 
  • Limited edition Omega Speedmaster. 
  • Luxury watches from brands like Patek Philippe. 

13. Best Jewelry to Flip for Profit

Jewelry can be sold as singles or in groups, depending on how much work you're willing to put in. Demand, style, and quality all affect value. Additionally, you must confirm that the product you have is authentic and not a knockoff.


  • Vintage gold Art Deco pendant necklace. 
  • Designer Tiffany & Co. silver bracelet. 
  • Handcrafted gemstone rings. 

14. Best Books to Flip for Profit

Everyone will always have a passion for literature, regardless of how far society progresses. Use this to profitably flip books in your neighbourhood or online retailers. Finding used books to flip is really simple and reasonably priced.


  • Rare first-edition copies of classic novels. 
  • Limited edition signed copies by renowned authors. 
  • Vintage leather-bound book sets from specific genres. 

15. Best Gym Equipment to Flip for Profit

Since more people are becoming aware of the health advantages of fitness and more gyms are opening, it is one of the global trends that is expanding. The need for exercise equipment is only going to increase along with the fitness sector. 


  • High-quality Peloton exercise bikes. 
  • Power racks with Olympic weight sets. 
  • Specialized rowing machines. 

16. Best DIY Home Improvement Supplies to Flip for Profit

Selling DIY home improvement materials is a great way to capitalize on the rising number of homeowners looking for low-cost solutions when flipping homes. Providing high-quality materials enables purchasers to make cost-effective improvements to their homes, following the current trend of cost-conscious renovations and optimizing profit margins in the cutthroat world of real estate flipping.


  • Bulk purchase of subway tiles for kitchen renovations. 
  • Specialty woodworking tools for crafting custom furniture. 
  • Trendy brass or matte black hardware for cabinets. 

17. Best Vintage Vinyl Records to Flip for Profit

Because collector demand and nostalgia make antique vinyl records desirable, selling them is a great way to make money. Value is heavily influenced by record condition, rarity, and artist popularity. Look for hidden gems at thrift stores, estate sales, and online. 


  • Rare Pink Floyd "The Wall" first pressing. 
  • Limited edition Beatles White Album. 
  • Vintage record players from brands like Thorens. 

18. Best Artwork to Flip for Profit

Since art, unlike most other commodities, has no upper price limit, flipping it may be a lucrative endeavor. This is especially true if you work in the art world and are able to identify extremely valuable artifacts.


  • Local artist's large acrylic on canvas painting. 
  • Limited edition prints by Banksy. 
  • Unique sculptures crafted from recycled materials. 

19. Best Antiques to Flip for Profit

It could be profitable to flip antiques that are at least a century old, especially for history and collector enthusiasts. These are the top antiques you can sell for a profit.


  • Well-preserved Victorian-era rocking chair. 
  • Antique porcelain tea sets. 
  • Vintage advertising signs from the early 20th century. 

20. Best Outdoor Gear to Flip for Profit

Outdoor gear is in great demand, therefore flipping it may be quite profitable. Pay attention to well-known brands, upcoming trends, and gently used goods. Stress usefulness, draw attention to special characteristics, and provide affordable costs. 


  • High-quality Patagonia down jackets. 
  • Specialized rock climbing harness and gear. 
  • Premium hiking boots from brands like Salomon. 

21. Best Appliances to Flip for Profit

The market for previously used home and kitchen equipment is expanding at an alarming rate, encompassing refrigerators, music systems, TV sets, and microwaves.


  • Gently used Vitamix blender with multiple attachments. 
  • Energy-efficient Bosch dishwasher. 
  • Vintage KitchenAid stand mixer in a rare color. 

21. Best Smart Home Devices to Flip for Profit

The growing demand and advancements in technology for smart home appliances make them an attractive investment opportunity. Whenever possible, use well-liked, simple-to-use items that are compatible with a wide range of devices.


  • Upgraded Nest Learning Thermostats. 
  • New-in-box Google Home Max speakers. 
  • Customized smart home security camera setups. 

22. Best Handmade Crafts to Flip for Profit

Niche markets are drawn to the distinctive, individualized goods that handmade crafts provide. Focus on fashionable designs, high-quality materials, and efficient marketing to optimize flipping potential.


  • Handcrafted beaded jewelry sets.
  • Custom-painted ceramic plant pots. 
  • Personalized wooden signs for home decor.

23. Best Niche Hobby Items to Flip for Profit

Flipping niche hobby items is lucrative due to targeted demand and limited competition. Specialized and distinctive items draw fervent customers who are prepared to pay a premium.


  • Limited edition Warhammer 40,000 miniature sets. 
  • Vintage Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks. 
  • Handmade quilts tailored for specific interests. 

24. Best Home Decor to Flip for Profit

The things that fall under the category of home décor include lamps, vases, and wall art, and they appeal to the same kind of consumers as furniture. 


  • Trendy macramé wall hangings. 
  • Vintage mid-century modern floor lamps. 
  • Hand-painted bohemian-style accent mirrors. 

Flipping items for profit is an accessible and potentially lucrative endeavor that can be tailored to fit various interests and expertise. From vintage clothing and sneakers to collectible toys and high-end electronics, there are numerous opportunities to find hidden gems and turn them into substantial profits. By focusing on high-demand items, understanding market trends, and utilizing platforms like Facebook Marketplace, anyone can start and succeed in the flipping business. Whether you're a beginner looking to make some extra cash or an experienced flipper aiming to grow your business, the strategies and examples provided in this guide will help you navigate the market and maximize your profits in 2024. Happy flipping!

Where To Find Things To Flip For Profit 

There are a lot of options to consider while looking for products to flip. Treasures awaiting a quick flip can be found at garage sales, yard sales, thrift stores, estate sales, internet marketplaces, auctions, flea markets, and even your own house.

How to Begin Flipping Items 

Selling items that you have laying around your home is a good place to start because it will cost you nothing upfront. Any money you make may also be reinvested, so you can use it to purchase new things. Take the goods you are somewhat familiar with from this list of the top things to flip for profit and educate yourself further on them. 

Is it profitable to flip things on Facebook Marketplace? 

Facebook Marketplace is an excellent platform to sell an item rapidly and with freedom on the sale price. You may sell anything with a well-known brand on Facebook Marketplace as some local customers will probably be eager to get it off your hands.

Which item can be flipped for the biggest profit? 

The following upscale goods are ones that individuals frequently think about selling for a profit: Exquisite Watches: The value of luxury timepieces from labels like Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Rolex may increase with time. Purchasing well-maintained secondhand timepieces and selling them for more can be beneficial.

How Much Money Can I Make From Flipping?

Some report state that the majority of casual furniture flippers earn between $50 and $500 a month. However, you could be able to make a lot more money than that if you want to take things seriously.

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