Best Side Hustles Helping Seniors [2024]: 8 Easy Ways to Start Earning $18-$50 Per Hour

Best Side Hustles Helping Seniors [2024]: 8 Easy Ways to Start Earning $18-$50 Per Hour

Our senior family members and friends need help with basic day-to-day chores that young people may take for granted. As their kids grow up, get busy with college, and move out to different cities for work, they are not always around to lend a hand.

This is why, we need senior concierge service to help out our loved senior citizens. These services also minimize the stress, risk, and burden of doing tiresome tasks for people with old age.

Here is everything you need to know about starting a senior concierge service:

What is Senior Concierge Service?

Senior Concierge service is a great way to help senior members of your society while making some extra money on the side. These services include various tasks like pet care, grocery shopping, and transportation that seniors may find difficult to perform in their old age.

Is there a Demand for Senior Concierge Service?

As baby boomers turn almost 65 between 2023 and 2024, there is a lot of place for concierge services in the market. Currently, there are more than 47 million seniors in America. This means that almost one out of every six Americans is a senior member and that’s a lot of potential clients for senior concierge service businesses in the future.

How to Start a Concierge Service?

Now that you know there is a vast market for this niche, you may be wondering “How to start a concierge service business?”

Well, starting a senior concierge service doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think. You will need to have a firm grasp of inter-generational differences and generational characteristics. If you are planning to provide these services yourself, make sure that you are someone seniors can trust.

Keep in mind that starting a senior concierge service doesn’t take a lot of initial investment. In fact, you can start it with zero investment if you have strong referrals.

Here are a few tips for starting a concierge service:

  • Know your market and search if there are potential clients in your area
  • Prepare a list of all the services you can provide
  • Set reasonable rates (at least, in the beginning)
  • Get referrals (from your neighbourhood, friends, and family members)

What Senior Concierge Services You Can Sell?

Concierge services are not limited to medical care and in-home tasks, they can include a wide variety of things such as running errands, fetching food from hotels, transportation, and championship.

Chances are that the person you are providing senior concierge services to is not very tech-savvy. If you know a little bit about computers and mobiles, you can help them write emails, install computer software, and set up webcams for video calling their family.

8 Senior Concierge Services to Start Earning $18-$50 Per Hour

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1. Transportation

Be it doctor appointments, shopping, or running errands, senior members will need transport for going from one place to another. You can drive them to people’s houses, offices, and clinics.

2. Grocery Shopping

Sometimes, even the easiest chores are big tasks in old age. For instance, grocery shopping can be tiring and hard for a lot of seniors. Another useful service is doing their groceries for them.

3. Errands

Whether it’s taking a pet for grooming, posting a letter, or buying household items, senior people also have a lot of errands to take care of. As a concierge service provider, you can offer to run basic errands for them and get paid in exchange.

4. Medical Care

Doctors’ appointments and buying prescription medicines are regular tasks in old age. You can offer services such as driving them to clinics, dropping off medicines, and providing medical care when they are sick.

5. Music

Music is a great therapy. If you know how to play instruments and sing, you can use your talent to cheer up your senior customers. Who knows, they might fall in love with your voice and give you a big break. It’s also a great way to practice your skills while earning some cash.

6. Lunch

Sometimes, all you need is a nice lunch or a sweet cup of coffee with someone who you enjoy talking to. Outings like these are great for refreshing your mood. Take them out on lunch and spend some quality time to make them feel more alive.

7. Companionship

Old people crave companionship, especially when their kids move on with their lives and have little time to sit and listen to their stories. Concierge services also include watching movies, enjoying games, and listening to their stories.

 8. Walks

Walking is great for everyone's health. You can find a nice walking spot where you can go with your senior friend for a nature walk. Having a partner during walking will motivate them to stay on the right track and keep themselves healthy.

How Much Can You Sell Senior Concierge Services For?

If you are thinking about how much you can earn through senior concierge services, you will have to first consider the area you live in and the time of the services provided.

The average rate of senior concierge services can be anywhere between $18 and $50 per hour. However, this can change depending on the rates in your area. We advise you to check the local rates before starting a senior concierge service. You can set your rates a little lower than the average local hourly rates in the beginning so that families will start hiring you instead of popular service providers in the area.

Another factor is the time of your services. For instance, if you are running errands in billable timing, you can earn $18 to $30 per hour. However, if you are doing chores at odd hours such as dropping off medicines in the middle of the night, you might have to charge a little more depending on the time and task.

If you ask yourself, “How much can you make selling senior concierge services?, here's a breakdown with the above listed rate. If you work part-time, or 20 hours per week, you can make between $17,280 to $28,800 each year. If you work full-time, or 40 hours per week, you can make between $34,560 to $57,600 each year.

To sum it up, you can earn a solid income if you work full-time as a senior concierge service provider. You can sell your services for $46,000 on average each year when working full-time.

What Do You Need to Start a Senior Concierge Service?

While you don't need a lot of investment to start a senior concierge service, a few things are necessary to get started.

  • The very first thing is a car since you will have to drive them around to stores and doctor appointments. You don’t need a really nice car, but it has to be functional so it won’t break down while you are running errands.
  • You will also need enough time to be available when they need you
  • In addition to this, being empathetic is also very important if you want to work as a senior concierge service provider
  • You will also need to have an understanding of generational characteristics and psychology
  • Having some basic medical knowledge will help you in taking care of the situation if they get really sick in your presence
  • You will also need to work on your communication skills since you will be in direct contact with their family members and close relatives

If you want to step into the senior concierge service business, this is all you need to know to get started. It doesn't have to be that hard: start with contacting senior people in your neighbourhood. Build a strong network and promote your business through referrals.

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