Top 32 ATMs Offering Free EBT Transactions Near You (2024)

Top 32 ATMs Offering Free EBT Transactions Near You (2024)

You rely on your EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) card to access important benefits, such as cash assistance, and get EBT card deposits on time in your state. Every dollar counts when it comes to managing your finances, so it's crucial to take advantage of fee-free EBT transactions when you can. This article is your comprehensive guide to navigating the landscape of EBT transactions without unnecessary charges. Whether you're withdrawing cash or shopping for groceries, learn how to save money and make the most of your resources.

Well-Known Banks Without EBT Charges

Feeling frustrated with ATM fees siphoning off funds from your EBT card? You'll be pleased to know that high-profile banks provide ATM fee-free access to your cash benefits. These banks understand the significance of every penny for individuals receiving assistance and have stepped up to offer free EBT transactions:

1. Bank of America
2. Citizens Bank
3. JP Morgan Chase
4. Bank of the West
5. Capital One
6. Citibank
7. Flagstar Bank
8. U.S. Bank
9. Wells Fargo

These financial institutions, alongside ATM networks like Allpoint and Cardtronics, are committed to ensuring that you retain your full cash benefits when you make a withdrawal. By relying on these providers' EBT-friendly ATMs, you can save money that would otherwise be lost to fees.

Regional Banks with Fee-Free Options

Venture beyond the realm of national banks and discover a network of regional providers offering ATM EBT free transactions:

10. Sterling Bank And Trust
11. Sun Community FCU
12. Tri Counties Bank
13. Umpqua Bank
14. Union Bank
15. United Security Bank
17. Yolo Federal Credit Union
18. Alaska USA FCU
19. Alta One FCU
20. Armed Forces Bank
21. Auto Club FCU
22. Banc of California
23. Bank of Hope
24. Bank of Marin
25. Bank of The Sierra
26. Bay Federal Credit Union]
27. Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union
28. Central Valley Community Bank
29. Clearpath FCU
30. Comerica Bank
31. Commonwealth Business Bank
32. Community Bank Of Santa Maria

In addition to these establishments, credit unions and smaller banks across various states also deliver access to your benefits with no additional charges. From Alaska USA FCU to Bank of Marin, these institutions exemplify community support and ensure you don't have to hand over a portion of your assistance to ATM surcharges. You might need to do some digging into local options or call ahead to be sure, but the effort could lead to significant fee savings.

ATM Access at Retail and Grocery Stores Offering Free EBT Transactions

Your shopping excursions might double as a convenient way to access your EBT benefits without fees. Many retail and grocery stores are equipped with in-store ATMs that allow Free EBT Transactions:

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Kroger
  • Safeway

As you plan your errands, consider which stores offer this perk. It's a straightforward way to withdraw the cash you need while doing your regular shopping, reinforcing your strategy to save money.

ATMs that Have EBT Transaction Fees

Unfortunately, the following ATMs do indeed charge fees for EBT transactions:

  • Aly
  • BB&T
  • Citizens Bank 
  • City National Bank 
  • Discover 
  • Fifth Third Bank 
  • First National Bank
  • HSBC 
  • M&T Bank 

Strategies to Avoid ATM Fees with EBT Cards

Being savvy about where you withdraw cash is one part of your financial toolkit. Consider these additional strategies to sidestep ATM fees and keep more money in your wallet:

Direct Deposit as an Alternative

Direct deposit is an excellent way to access your cash benefits without the risk of ATM fees. If your state offers this, you can have your benefits deposited directly into your bank account, streamlining your finances and saving money in the process.

Cash Back at Stores with EBT Cards

Grocery shopping? Many stores give you the option to get cash back at the register when you pay with your EBT card. This simple act could be a no-fee solution to your cash withdrawal needs. Check with your benefits agency for a list of participating stores and make your grocery run more beneficial.

Contacting Benefit Agencies for Assistance

Your state's health and human services department is a valuable resource for Free EBT Transactions. Reach out to them if you're navigating fee-related challenges or need help identifying participating ATMs or stores in your area.

Here are the official websites of the United States departments related to Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards or family assistance for each state:

    For specific information about using your benefits locally, you can visit the respective state's department website. There are also other apps like "ConnectEBT" available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store that can help you manage and track your EBT benefits.

    Final words

    Navigating the nuances of EBT transactions doesn't have to be a costly endeavor. By harnessing the knowledge within this guide, you can exercise agency over your benefits, dodge unnecessary fees, and manage your money more effectively. Remember that as you take charge of your financial health, every free EBT transaction is a victory for your wallet. Save money tips can be as simple as choosing the right ATM or getting cash back during your grocery run—small actions that together make a significant impact.


    To further empower you with knowledge, let's address common questions surrounding EBT transactions:

    What Is an EBT Transaction and How Does It Work at ATMs?

    An EBT transaction at an ATM operates similarly to a standard bank card withdrawal. When you input your EBT card and personal identification number (PIN), you can then select the amount of cash you wish to withdraw from the available balance.

    Where Can I Find ATMs That Offer Free EBT Transactions?

    Look for ATMs at the banks mentioned earlier or within the retail and grocery stores that sport signs indicating "EBT Accepted Here," which often implies free transactions. Utilize ATM locators online or seek guidance from benefit agencies for a refined search.

    Are There Any Limitations on the Number of Free EBT Transactions I Can Make?

    Some states may have restrictions on the number of free withdrawals you can make each month. It's critical to understand your state's specific guidelines to avoid unexpected fees.

    For example in New York, EBT card users are allowed two free ATM withdrawals each month at ATMs which do not surcharge. After the first two, a fee is charged for each ATM withdrawal.

    What Should I Do If I'm Charged a Fee for an EBT Transaction at a Supposedly Free ATM?

    If you are unexpectedly billed for withdrawing cash, report the issue to your benefits agency. They can clarify whether the ATM should have been fee-free and provide steps for recourse.

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