Top 15 Websites to Sell Your Car Fast in 2024

Top 15 Websites to Sell Your Car Fast in 2024

Looking to sell your car quickly in 2024? You're in luck! Thanks to online tools and platforms, selling cars has become more convenient than ever before. These platforms cater to broad markets and offer rapid cash deals. Whether auctioning off a classic beauty or trading your cherished family vehicle, there are numerous websites available for expedited and lucrative car sales. This article explores 15 websites to sell your car fast and efficiently. Let’s roll!

15 Websites To Sell Your Car Fast in 2024

1. Autotrader

One of the most popular used car sites is Autotrader. List your car on Autotrader to reach millions of buyers. The site charges to list your car for sale. Listings cost $49 each. The good news is that a vehicle history report is free. A valuable feature of the site is that you can renew your listing for free every 30 days.

2. Craigslist

Craigslist is another option for selling your car. The site is popular, so your listing may get many views depending on your town. Depending on your city, Craigslist lets you sell your car for free. 

3. eBay Motors

You can sell your car on eBay Motors. Your listing must include vehicle information and photos. If someone buys your car, you can finalize payment, deliver it, and transfer the title. Sellers of cars on eBay Motors pay different fees than sellers in other categories.

4. CarGurus

With CarGurus, you can list your car for sale and sell fast. Listing your car costs $4.95. Free 30-day extensions are available for listings that expire after 30 days. The site verifies that the buyer can afford your car, which in turn protects your bank information.


You can get an in-person appraisal from In-person appraisals let you choose dealers, schedule appointments, and choose the best offer. You can estimate your car online.

6. Carvana

Carvana offers instant car offers. This offer lasts seven days, where you can shop around and compare prices. Enter your car's VIN and answer a few questions to get an offer in minutes. Sell your car for cash or trade it in.

7. TrueCar

Enter your license plate number and answer a few simple car questions to use TrueCar. Complete the process and receive a True Cash Offer™ in minutes. Finally, present your True Cash Offer to a TrueCar Certified Dealer. The dealer and you will inspect your car together, and if everything checks out, you can complete the offer.

8. Vroom

You can sell or trade your car with Vroom. The company offers free pickup, which is awesome. Enter some basic vehicle information to get an instant price. There's no pressure to sell, and this price lasts seven days or 250 miles. If the site cannot calculate an instant price, an expert will email you on the same day.

9. Edmunds

Lexus and Mercedes-Benz are among some popular brands covered. The tool only values cars from 1990 and earlier, so it won't work for classics. You'll see trade-in, private party, dealer retail, and certified used car values. If you trade in your car for a new one, dealerships will offer the trade-in price. 

10. Facebook Marketplace

Sell your car on Facebook Marketplace. Buy and sell locally with it. You can also list your car for free! The large user base on this platform makes it easy to find what you need. 

11. Autolist

Autolist is a user-friendly online marketplace for buying and selling cars. With an extensive inventory and advanced search filters, it simplifies the car-buying process. The platform prioritizes transparency, offering insights like pricing analysis and vehicle history reports. Autolist aims to streamline and enhance the car-shopping experience.

12. CarMax

CarMax may be a good option for traditional car sellers. CarMax requires you to sell at one of their stores. You can get a car offer on their website and decide if you like it. If so, take it there and finish the paperwork.

13. Peddle

Peddle offers a convenient solution for selling slow cars, those that might be challenging to sell elsewhere, albeit at a relatively modest price. It's important to note that Peddle does not purchase cars with lender liens. This platform is particularly beneficial for selling used cars, even those in less-than-ideal condition. While you may not get top dollar, it provides a hassle-free way to part with your vehicle and pocket some cash.

14. AutoTempest

AutoTempest compiles listings from popular platforms like, AutoTrader, and eBay Motors, eliminating the need for manual website checks. 

15. Bring a Trailer

Bring a Trailer auctions vintage cars to ensure the best experience for buyers and sellers. Vintage car sellers submit their cars online to start the auction. After choosing the most appealing, the company works with the seller to list the vehicle—auctions usually last seven days.

Final words

Sell a car online stress-free in 2024. Indeed, sell your car quickly and conveniently from the comfort of your home using these 15 accessible websites. With various platforms to choose from, select the one that aligns with your specific needs and the characteristics of the car you're selling, as each platform comes with its unique benefits. Utilizing the right website to sell your car online can be a straightforward, profitable, and even a fun endeavour! Happy Selling!

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