7 Best Online English Teaching Platforms (2024): Make $20 to $30 per hour

7 Best Online English Teaching Platforms (2024): Make $20 to $30 per hour

Imagine having the power to shape the future right from your laptop, imparting knowledge and building bridges across cultures, all while enjoying the cozy comfort of your pyjamas. This isn't just a daydream—it's the thrilling reality of teaching English online!

As burgeoning online English teachers, you're on the cusp of an educational revolution that seamlessly blends technology with the timeless art of language instruction. Dive into this guide, and gear up to ride the wave of remote teaching, one click at a time.

What Is Online TEFL Teaching?

Hey there, digital nomad or homebody enthusiast! Online TEFL certification is your passport to an invigorating realm where geographical boundaries evaporate. TEFL, which stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, has transitioned from the brick-and-mortar classroom settings to the boundless digital space. As an online English teacher, you harness the power of the internet to teach English to non-native speakers across the globe.

The Rise of Teaching English Remotely

In a world where the internet has transformed how we connect, teaching English online has soared. This change isn't a fleeting trend but an enduring evolution in education. You're witnessing the birth of a groundbreaking era for ESL teaching—the rise of remote instruction. As businesses and schools worldwide have pivoted online, so too have the opportunities for teaching English online jobs exploded, paving the road for dynamic, adaptable educators like you.

Key Advantages of Online Instruction

Unparalleled Flexibility

Teaching English online gleams with promise, offering you the luxury to craft your work schedule with unparalleled flexibility. Are you a night owl or an early riser? No problem. Pick the hours that fit your rhythm!

Location Independence

Got wanderlust? Teaching English online grants you the freedom to trot the globe or move around without ever interrupting your teaching stride. All you need is a trusty internet connection, and your virtual classroom follows you!

Less Overhead, More Joy

Say goodbye to lengthy commutes and the daily grind. Online instruction trims the fat, leaving you with more energy to focus on what truly matters—your students and your contentment.

Requirements for Online Tutors

Essential TEFL Certifications

Before you cannonball into the pool of teaching English online jobs, ensure you're equipped with that vital life vest—a TEFL certification. Schools and language platforms often seek teachers with accredited TEFL courses under their belts, signifying a mastery of teaching techniques imperative for online engagement.

Technical Necessities and Equipment

Your weapon of choice in this digital dojo? Responsive technology. A laptop or desktop computer with a high-quality webcam and a noise-canceling headset forms the backbone of an effective online English teacher. And don't forget the lighting! Well-lit spaces not only make you look professional but also keep your students engaged.

Who Is Eligible to Teach English Online?

Do you speak fluent English? Do you have a knack for sharing knowledge with enthusiasm? Then you've got the baseline to teach English online. While certain platforms have more specific criteria, don't let that deter you—the online English teaching world is vast, with niches for nearly everyone.

7 Best Online English Teaching Platforms

1. Skooli

Skooli is a rising star in the online math education arena, offering flexible scheduling and a friendly interface for both teachers and students.

  • Requirements: Background check
  • Hourly rate & benefits: 41.6 ¢ per minute (about $25 / hour)
  • Age of students: All ages
  • Lesson length: 15-minute minimum.
  • Degree required: Yes
  • TEFL qualification: No


In the land of enthusiasm and creativity, VIPKID reigns. This platform specializes in connecting eager young learners from China with charismatic North American English teachers online. In short, teach English to Chinese students!

  • Requirements: 1+ year experience working with children
  • Hourly rate & benefits: up to $22 / hour
  • Age of students: Children only
  • Lesson length: Classes are 25-30 minutes each.
  • Degree required: Yes
  • TEFL qualification: Required

3. Preply

Preply shines with a marketplace model, connecting you directly with learners. Set your rates, choose your hours, and teach English online on your terms.

  • Requirements: None
  • Hourly rate & benefits: Rate decided by teacher
  • Age of students: All ages
  • Lesson length: Trial lesson is 1 hour; subsequent length negotiated between student and teacher.
  • Degree required: No
  • TEFL qualification: Required

4. Qkids.com

Enter Qkids, where gamified learning converges with English teaching. Engage with interactive lessons that captivate young minds. On this platform, you can teach English to Chinese students as well, similar to VIPKID, with some slight entry requirement differences/

Find out more of the requirements to become a teacher here, and here's a summary:

  • Requirements: None
  • Hourly rate & benefits: up to $20 / hour
  • Age of students: Children only
  • Lesson length: 30 minutes
  • Degree required: No, but you must be currently enrolled in a University
  • TEFL qualification: Yes 

5. EF Education First

At EF Education First, immerse yourself in a diverse student community and enjoy the support of a global company with a local touch.

Find out more of the requirements to become a teacher here, and here's a summary:

  • Requirements: Fully-fluent English speaker
  • Hourly rate & benefits: up to $20 / hour
  • Age of students: All ages
  • Lesson length: No minimum
  • Degree required: Yes
  • TEFL qualification: Yes

6. Cambly & Cambly Kids

Cambly brings spontaneous conversations with English learners worldwide to your fingertips, offering a more casual and personable approach to English online teacher jobs. Great platform if you are just starting out with your english teaching venture:

  • Requirements: None
  • Hourly rate & benefits: $10.20 / hour with Cambly and $12.00 / hour with Cambly Kids
  • Age of students: All ages
  • Lesson length: No minimum hours
  • Degree required: No
  • TEFL qualification: No

7. Starkid

Starkid is an online teaching platform based in Hong Kong. They use the Cambridge English as well as the Jolly Phonics system to teach English phonics to young learners. You can make up to $25 / hour teaching english online on Starkid.

  • Requirements: Native speaker from the US, Canada - Teaching experience with kids
  • Hourly rate & benefits: $12 - $25 / hour
  • Age of students: Children ages 4-12
  • Lesson length: 30 min
  • Degree required: No
  • TEFL qualification: Yes

Final words

Welcome to the future of education, where the constraints of the past unshackle, and your career as an online English teacher begins. Seize these opportunities to connect, engage, and grow—a world of potential learners is just a click away. Are you ready to join the digital teaching revolution?


What are the requirements to begin teaching English online with these top companies?

Kick-start your career with a TEFL certification complimented by a zest for teaching. Each company may have specific requirements such as degrees, technical setups, or teaching experience.

Can college students also teach English online, and which platforms are the best for them?

Absolutely! Platforms like Preply and Cambly are fantastic for students due to their flexibility and straightforward requirements. They are excellent spots for you to gain experience and earn while you learn.

How much can I potentially earn per hour by teaching English with companies like VIPKid and EF Education First?

Your hourly rate can vary widely, typically anywhere between $10 to $25, sometimes more with experience and additional certifications, which can go up to $30 an hour and more. Performance and platform incentives can further boost your income.

Are there flexible scheduling options for teaching English on platforms like Preply and EF Education First?

Flexibility is the name of the game. Platforms like Preply and EF Education First offer the freedom to set your timetable, fitting teaching around your life and not the other way around.

Which website is best for teaching online?

Websites offering robust support, reliable payment, and steady student influx—like VIPKid and EF Education First—are top on the list for online English teacher jobs.

Is there a website where I can teach English?

Oh yes, there are scores of them! From the likes of Skooli to Cambly, you're spoiled with choices. Just pick one and start your journey.

Is teaching English online legit?

You bet it is! It's not only legitimate but a thriving and respectable way to make a living or supplement your income with an additional cash flow.

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