How to Save Money on Entertainment in 2024: 22 Easy Tips to Try Now

How to Save Money on Entertainment in 2024: 22 Easy Tips to Try Now

You're ready to unwind after a long week—but your wallet isn't. Here's the good news: Saving money on those leisure activities you love doesn't have to mean giving up what makes you happy. From movies to concerts, and books to gaming, here's your comprehensive guide to enjoy more for less. Dive in to discover practical save money tips that put fun within reach, irrespective of your budget.

How to Save Money on Movies

1. Go on Discount Days

Your passion for cinema can stay alive with cheap movie tickets on discount days. Many theaters offer special pricing on less busy days, typically weekdays or early matinees. By aligning your movie outings accordingly, you grasp those sweet savings without missing the big screen experience.

2. Join Loyalty Clubs

The more you watch, the more you save. It's a cinch when you sign up for movie theater loyalty programs. Accumulate points with each purchase, and redeem them for tickets or concessions. Don't forget to check for exclusive member-only offers—it's like a VIP pass to save money!

3. Use Big-Box Warehouse Memberships

If you're already a member at wholesale clubs like Costco, you're in for a treat. These clubs often provide discounted tickets in bulk and cheaper snack deals—essential for family movie nights or a bulk buy for the regular movie buffs.

4. Avoid Premium Formats

3D and IMAX may pump up the cinematic thrill, but they also pump up the price. You can enjoy most films in standard 2D without losing the essence. Save money here, and you can afford to catch more flicks throughout the year.

5. Eat Beforehand

Dodging the pricey popcorn and beverages at movie theaters is a pro tip in how to save money. Have a meal before you leave the house, and the money you save can go straight into your next movie venture or other entertainment pursuits.

How to Save Money on Concerts

6. Use Presale Opportunities

Getting tickets early not only secures your spot but might also save you money. Sign up for newsletters and follow your favorite artists on social media to catch those presale codes for cheap concert tickets before the general public jumps in.

7. Compare Prices

While hunting for concert tickets, you've got to shop around. Check various ticket vendors and resale platforms to find the best deal. A few minutes of comparison can knock down the price, leaving more funds for your next musical adventure.

8. Buy Standing Tickets

Seated tickets often come at a premium, especially with a stellar view of the stage. Going for standing tickets can be a game-changer. Not only do you save money, but you also get to dance your heart out. It's a win-win!

9. Use Verified Reseller Sites

If you're eyeing a sold-out event, don't give up hope for cheap concert tickets just yet. Visit verified reseller sites for deals that might drop closer to the event day as sellers try to offload their tickets. Be vigilant and patient—you might snag a steal.

10. Plan Ahead

Being a concert savant entails early planning. Keep an eye on the calendar, and you can save on unnecessary fast shipping costs or last-minute price hikes. Added bonus: you'll never miss out on must-see performances just because you didn't buy in time.

How to Save Money on Gaming

11. Cancel Unused Subscriptions

Every avid gamer might rack up a small fortune in subscription fees. Run through your subscriptions. If there's a service you're not using much, it's time for it to go. This enables you to reallocate these funds toward new games or save entirely.

12. Play Free-To-Play Games

The gaming industry is brimming with free-to-play titles that offer high-quality entertainment without the high price tag. Indulge in these games, and your bank account will thank you for the respite.

13. Buy Used Games

Part of smart save money tips for gaming includes cruising the second-hand market. Used games often work just as well as new ones but come at a fraction of the price. Check out local game stores, online marketplaces, or trade with friends.

14. Wait for Sales

Video game sales can slash prices dramatically. Whether it’s seasonal, promotional, or clearance sales, patience pays off—literally. Wish-list your must-have titles and pounce when the price drops.

How to Save Money on Books

15. Use Your Local Library

For the bibliophiles, libraries are treasure troves where books are free! With a library card in hand, the latest novels, timeless classics, and popular magazines at zero cost are all yours. And now, many libraries also provide access to e-books and audiobooks.

16. Support Independent Bookstores

Indie bookstores often host sales and used-book sections. Purchasing here can yield great finds at lower rates. Plus, supporting local business is another form of richness worth accumulating.

17. Book Swaps

Why buy when you can swap? Organize book exchange events with fellow readers or join online book-swapping communities. It's a community-driven way to discover new stories without opening your wallet.

How to Save Money on TV Shows

18. Use Streaming Services

Cable's costly; streaming's savvy. With streaming platforms, you pay less for more content—often ad-free and on-demand. Whether it's binge-watching or casual viewing, the savings over traditional cable are hard to ignore.

19. Share Accounts

Account-sharing features available on many streaming services make it feasible to split costs among friends or family members. Just ensure this complies with the service's terms and conditions.

20. Take Advantage of Free Trials

Nearly every streaming service offers a free trial period. Use these to explore new content or binge-watch your favorite shows. Calendarize your trials back-to-back, and you can enjoy a continuous stream of entertainment—literally for free.

How to Save Money on Home Entertainment

21. Host More Events at Home

You can turn your home into the epicenter of joy without draining the wallet. From game nights to potlucks, or play nite to spa day, hosting at home can replace expensive nights out. Home is where the savings are!

22. Ask for Presents That Save You Money

Special occasions can double as an investment in your entertainment. Request gifts of memberships, subscriptions, or gift cards that align with your hobbies.

Final words

By embracing these save money tips, you'll find your options for entertainment are not just plentiful, but also more affordable. Thriving within a budget doesn't have to be about compromise. With a little ingenuity and planning, the world of entertainment is at your fingertips, for a lot less. So go ahead, have your fun and save money too!


How can I reduce my entertainment expenses without sacrificing fun in 2024?

Be strategic with your leisure time by taking advantage of discount days, membership rewards, and community events. Being selective and planning ahead usually result in the best savings.

What are some creative alternatives to traditional entertainment that can help me save money?

Explore the delights of local parks, volunteer at events for free entry, or attend community arts and crafts workshops. The less conventional the activity, the more opportunity to save.

Can you suggest ways to take advantage of digital platforms to save money on entertainment?

Embrace the digital era with password-shared streaming accounts, downloading cost-effective gaming apps, and utilizing online resources like e-books, podcasts, and webinars.

Are there any community resources or events I can leverage to entertain my family on a budget?

Yes, indeed! Most communities offer a plethora of free events, from movie nights in the park to local festivals and fairs. Keep an eye on community bulletin boards and websites for upcoming events.

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