12 Affordable Sustainable Clothing Brands to Buy Better Basics and Wear Forever (2024)

12 Affordable Sustainable Clothing Brands to Buy Better Basics and Wear Forever (2024)

In an era where fashion trends cycle out in the blink of an eye, choosing apparel that stands the test of time is about more than just style—sustainability plays a crucial role as well. Now, imagine a wardrobe woven with intention, one that harmonizes with your values for environmentally responsible and socially conscious practices. 

Your choices can positively impact the planet, help you save money on clothes, and turning towards sustainable clothing brands is a significant step in that direction. Embrace the perspective of better basic apparel, where the threads of ethical production interlace with timeless design aesthetics. Whether you’re searching for blank clothes to curate your personal style or basic clothes that offer versatility and longevity, the orbits of sustainability and fashion are aligning more now than ever.

Explore 12 affordable sustainable clothing brands to buy better basics and wear forever for 2024. Let’s dive in!

1. Pact

Pact stands out as a beacon of affordable fairness, focusing on fair trade organic cotton basics—a pivot towards conscious consumption without breaking the bank. Their claim to eco-friendliness is robust, bolstered by GOTS certification and fair labor standards. If you seek basic clothes that gently tread on the earth while providing comfort and sustainability, Pact emerges as a clear contender, marrying simplicity with social responsibility.

  • Best for: fair trade organic cotton basics
  • Price and Sizes: up to US 20; XS–2XL

2. Kotn

When luxury aligns with sustainability, brands like Kotn take the stage. Renowned for its Egyptian cotton, Kotn not only offers you sublime softness but also peace of mind knowing your basic apparel is forged from the crispest ethical fibers available. The touch of these clothes sustainable initiatives resonates beyond comfort, reaching out to the lives of farmers and educational endeavors in Egypt. The brand isn't just about crafting enduring basics—it's about nurturing a lifecycle of dignity and respect.

  • Best for: Egyptian cotton basics
  • Price and Sizes: up to US 16; XXS–XXL

3. Quince

Delving into the realm of sustainable luxury, Quince introduces a novel perspective—sustainability as the standard, not a luxury. This brand streamlines accessibility to silk and cashmere, materials that often come with a hefty price tag and ethical concerns. Quince presents affordable, stylish, and sustainable clothing brands within reach, making no concessions on ecological integrity or ethical manufacturing.

  • Best for: affordable silk and cashmere
  • Price and Sizes: up to US 16; XS–XL

4. Everlane

Everlane transcends the mere concept of timeless fashion. It pioneers the concept of Radical Transparency, unveiling the true cost behind each garment. You are not just purchasing blank clothes; you are endorsing an open book policy, which details everything from the true cost to the ethical production process. Everlane proves that sustainability need not be shrouded in secrecy; it can be as clear and straightforward as their chic, basic clothes.

  • Best for: modern everyday workwear basics
  • Price and Sizes: up to US 20; XS–XXL

5. Boody

Take a moment to visualize yourself in the cocooning comfort of Boody’s basic apparel. Fashioned from bamboo, their range stands as a testament to the power of natural and sustainable alternatives to conventional textiles. When clothes, sustainable practices and personal well-being converge, you're not only donning an eco-friendly fabric but also an ethos of comfort that lasts.

  • Best for: affordable basics made from organic bamboo
  • Price and Sizes: up to US 25; XS–4XL

6. Honest Basics

Honest Basics is precisely that—honest. In a world crowded with ambiguous claims, Honest Basics provides a refreshing dose of transparency. They demystify the journey your clothes take from farm to closet, offering blank clothes that serve as the bedrock for a responsible wardrobe. The brand's name encapsulates their approach to fashion, presenting you with apparel that's both elemental and principled.

  • Best for: affordable basic clothing made from organic cotton
  • Price and Sizes: up to US 25; XS-2XL

7. Made Trade

Ethical fashion meets artisanal craftsmanship with Made Trade. This brand is for you if your penchant for uniqueness is as strong as your commitment to ethical practices. Made Trade curates an assortment of clothes sustainable in both make and message, allowing you to adorn yourself in pieces that tell a story of cultural heritage and conscientious creation.

  • Best for: sustainable basics made in the USA
  • Price and Sizes: up to US 40; XS-2XL

8. Carve Designs

Enjoy the sun, surf, and sand with Carve Designs, a brand that aligns outdoor vitality with sustainable fashion. Catering to those who demand more from their basic clothes—durability, function, and conservation—Carve Designs strikes a perfect balance. They offer apparel that's resilient against the elements and kind to the earth.

  • Best for: range of affordable basic clothing made from organic cotton
  • Price and Sizes: up to US 30; XS-2XL

9. Mate the Label

In your quest for better basic apparel, Mate the Label crafts "Clean Essentials" made from non-toxic, natural, and organic materials. The brand echoes your desire for a closet that respects both your skin and the environment. Choosing Mate the Label implicates you in a movement towards clothes sustainable in composition and timeless in design.

  • Best for: affordable essentials made sustainably in Los Angeles with non-toxic, natural, and organic materials
  • Price and Sizes: up to US 20; XS–3XL

10. Colorful Standard

Far from the muted tones of traditional eco-wear, Colorful Standard begs you to infuse your wardrobe with vibrant, pre-dyed garments. Each piece is made with precision and care, ensuring colorfastness that endures the trials of time and fashion. This is sustainable clothing made joyous, basic apparel envisioned in every hue you could desire, all the while adhering to eco-friendly and ethical standards.

  • Best for: brightly colored basics made in Portugal from organic cotton
  • Price and Sizes: up to US 20; XS–2XL

11. Organic Basics

Rooted in the Danish design tradition, Organic Basics offers you low-impact basic clothes that don't skimp on aesthetics or ethics. Their garments champion an approach to minimality that transcends fashion—it's a lifestyle choice. Opt for Organic Basics if your wardrobe goals involve minimalist designs woven with sustainable practices, making every fiber count for the environment.

  • Best for: basics in earthy tones for loungewear, activewear and underwear made from organic cotton
  • Price and Sizes: up to US 20; XS–2XL


FRANC brings forth a line of basic apparel that doesn't discriminate. Their range of sizes and styles ensures that you find the perfect fit for your unique body shape and fashion sense. With sustainability stitched into the very fabric of their ethos, FRANC illustrates that fashion inclusivity and ecological consciousness can, and should, go hand in hand.

  • Best for: affordable basics made in Canada
  • Price and Sizes:  up to US 35; XS–2XL

Final words

In your sustainable fashion journey, remember that the simplest choices can have profound effects. As you sift through the various sustainable clothing brands on the market, reflect on the values that resonate with you. Is it the minimalism of basic clothes, the neutrality of blank clothes, or the promise of organic materials that draws you? Perhaps it's the narrative of better basic garments that blend seamlessly into your lifestyle while fostering a greener future. Whatever your preference, the essential element is that you're a part of a growing movement that favors thoughtful consumption, ethics, and the environment. With every conscious choice, you weave another thread into the tapestry of a more sustainable world.


What are some affordable sustainable clothing brands for everyday basics?

Discovering brands such as Pact, Honest Basics, and Quince reinforces the notion that sustainable clothing can be both budget-friendly and foundational for your everyday wardrobe. Their selection of basic clothes reflects a commitment to affordability without compromising ethical values.

How can I identify a sustainable clothing brand when shopping for essentials?

To recognize a sustainable clothing brand, delve into their practices—look for transparency in supply chains, ethical labor conditions, and certifications like GOTS or Fair Trade. Brands that proactively reduce their environmental impact through materials and processes typically will showcase these efforts.

What makes a clothing brand sustainable?

A clothing brand is deemed sustainable when it conscientiously reduces its ecological footprint, employs ethical labor practices, and often utilizes organic or recycled materials. The brand’s commitment to longevity over trend-chasing and to modern manufacturing methods that save water, reduce emissions, and promote recyclability, mark it as a torchbearer for sustainability.

Can I find a range of sizes and styles with affordable sustainable clothing brands?

Yes, inclusive brands like FRANC and Organic Basics produce ethical and sustainable clothing for a diverse spectrum of body types and personal styles. These brands believe in creating basic clothes that cater to all without compromising their environmental integrity.

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